Toronto’s Real Estate Team’s Investing in Toronto Condos in 90 seconds

I stumbled across a video produced by Toronto’s Real Estate Team and couldn’t resist re-posting it here:

Believe me I got the message a long time ago that I should have bought… a long time ago. One of the learnings I’m taking away from the last few weeks is that you shouldn’t worry too much about what is being said about the market in the long-term — buy when you want or need to (unless you plan to sell your place in the short run; then you can worry more about what the housing market is doing).

I kept on waiting for housing prices to drop because the experts said that it would happen ‘next year’. Fast forward 10 years and I’m still waiting. And, really, I should stop equating ‘experts’ with ‘seers’. In fact, just in one day I read several contradicting articles, including in the same newspaper (articles a few weeks apart): Toronto condo market likely headed for ‘moderate slowdown’ and Toronto condo market booming again.

(For those of you who are wondering, “I thought she was going to stop posting for awhile?” I am, I am. But couldn’t resist a couple of quickies.)